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Empress Cherry Sunday was on NewsTalk1010

Just spent a little time this morning talking with www.NewsTalk1010.comabout clowning.

They wanted to know if clowning was going out of style? No evolving! I said red-noses were only 100-years old and that there are so many different styles of clown - theatrical, circus and family entertainers - and not just for kids - but there are clowns who only perform for adults.

They wanted to talk about fears (as the host himself had a bit of coulrophobia). I told him that monsters are not clowns - they just look like clowns. He asked if it is more adults than children who have fear. I told him a lovely story about a friend who is overcoming her fear and in turn is becoming a clown herself after attending Toronto's longest running cabaret - Lunacy Cabaret - a 19+ show with clown, circus arts and more. You can follow her journey in her webcomic -

There is so much more to say on the subject that we didn't get to talk about!

Clowns are any performer who interacts with their audience using honest emotions. Some comedians are clowns - technically speaking. There are so many different types of clowns but over the last 100-years that red nose has become the symbol of clowns. Clowns are so much more than the $2 nose that someone buys! I don't even use a red nose - I have a blue latex glitter nose.

Clowning is an art and we have a responsibility to it! To be honest in our emotions as we interact with our audiences is not easy. It is hard being vulnerable and true. Our clown personae are part of who we truly are - and we use our clowns to open up to strangers and friends - or strangers who become friends.

Just because someone looks like a 'clown' does not mean they are one. It is one of the easiest costumes to buy in a shop but to truly be a clown takes dedication and years of training. One is never truly done evolving their character(s) - we strive for more! More knowledge, new techniques and skills (juggling, magic, face painting, balloons etc).

We long for community! I myself am part of local communities, national communities (FYI if you didn't know - I am the Ontario Ambassador for Clowns Canada and international communities.

To make a long story short - Clowns will never be extinct. We evolve! My image will also be in an issue of KIDabra Magic Journal soon with an article by Nina Dees about evolving for the next

Here is the article that sparked the interview.…/jun/07/why-clowns-are-dying-out (just a crazy random happen-stance - I literally just finished making an illustration for Clown Gathering UK 2016 for Andy the Clown - who's photo appears in the article.)

Here is another article I read recently as well that touches on the subject.…/clown-shortage-felt-in-nova-scotia-1.25…

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