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Party Themes: Superheros

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are just the big three but there are tons of other heroes, and there are teams like the Avengers and the Justice League. So have a "Superhero" party instead of picking just one - you could make all your tiny heros happy! Your guests can dress up as their favourite Superhero (which they most likely have a costume for). Plus - you can mix and match decorations with all of the guest of honour's favourite Superhero. So here are some ideas to get you started: - Hire a face painter to paint masks on your tiny heros so that they can eat and party without a physical mask getting in the way - Capes! Lots of capes incase a guest or parents doesn't have a costume to wear - Photo ops and props - Teach them how to do the Batusi like the old fashion, Adam West Batman. - Qualatex has a great selection of printed Superhero balloons like Batman, Spider-Man, Avengers and the even DC Hero Girls. Hiring a balloon artist to create balloon sculptures for each of guest. - Themed bouncy castles For even more ideas take a look at this Pinterest board help inspire you. Now you have some tools to make sure you'll be the real hero of the awesome Superhero party you've planned!


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