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Party Themes: Frozen

Frozen is huge! Kids and adults love Frozen! There is tons of stuff out there to help decorate at your local party store and even your favourite dollar store might have stuff you can get! But what else can you be doing to have fun with Frozen other than just putting Elsa's face on everything? Here are some ideas to help you: - Hire a singing instructor or what is often known as a Glee Party or get some Karaoke equipment and let the kids belt out their favourite Frozen songs. - Hire an entertainer - now remember licensed characters are extremely expensive so think about getting an entertainer with a winter themed costume. Many professional entertainers like creating their own original characters. - Winter themed crafts - Frozen themed bouncy castles - Dance ribbons can be fun to play with in the yard. - Qualatex makes licensed Frozen balloons that skilled balloon artistes can use to create cool sculptures for your guests! - Winter themed face painting designs can really add a little bit of whimsy. Have fun and remember to keep cool! (See what I did there? Cool - Frozen. Nevermind.) Here is a Pinterest board to help you prep the perfect Frozen party!


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