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A wonderful memory can be the PERFECT GIFT

Kids love stuff; the newest tech, the trendiest toys and often, even the box the thing came in. So now you're probably looking for a way to get the most memorable gift and are totally stuck. A memory can be a great gift if you you want it to be "memorable". (See what I did there?) Parents are always trying to plan their children's party which can cost a pretty penny but hiring the entertainer does not necessarily need to fall on them too. Talk with other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, god parents etc) and see if you can work together to create a budget to create a wonderful memory. How do you create a memorable experience? Having entertainer at a party can be an awesome idea. A clown, juggler, magician or a variety perform are just some of your options. Even a balloon artist or face painter can be extremely entertaining! What about some activities? A bouncy castle, a petting zoo, singing or Glee parties or even physical activities! You can even do cosmic (black light) bowling or mini golf and you could pair that with a face painter or balloon artist using UV reactive paints or balloons! A present of tickets to a delightful piece of theatre for children is always a lovely idea too. Like tickets to Solar Stage Children's Theatre in Toronto, Ontario or to your local Fringe Festival! Whatever you decide to do - you know what's best for the children in your life. Have fun - and remember that your love is most important gift you could ever give.


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